Day: April 11, 2013

why the world needs a ghoul

Source: A Times: The problem with North Korea and the Kim dynasty is that both will continue to exist as long as major regional or global powers, including China, the United States, Russia and Japan, find geopolitical use for them. North Korea is in an awkward way a necessary evil […]

The ‘Ahrar-Ahmadiya controversy’ of 1953 and Shia killings of today in 2013

Zahir Ebrahim | Project April 09, 2013 In order to perceptively comprehend some of the dynamics behind the latter day Shia Killings in Pakistan, it is pertinent to read the very insightful report convened by the Government of Pakistan for the yesteryear Ahmadiya killings in 1953, titled: The Ahrar-Ahmadiya controversy Munir Report of […]

Bangladesh’s Status Quo on Blasphemy

Source: Human Rights First By Joelle Fiss Over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis marched in the streets, calling for the death penalty for two bloggers who allegedly insulted Islam. Yes, you read correctly. That’s hundreds of thousands of protesters, according to press reports. Under the law, bloggers can be jailed for up […]