Day: April 3, 2013

SUPARCO: Dr Abdus Salam’s long forgotten dream

Express Tribune:In 1961, Dr Abdus Salam and late Pakistan Air Force (PAF) commodore WJM Turowicz were busy laying down the foundations of Pakistan’s space agency called Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Corporation (SUPARCO). Little did they know that 52 years later, the nation’s space agency would be lagging woefully behind times, renting foreign […]

A Debate in the Open on the Fed

RICHMOND, Va. — Federal Reserveofficials regularly air their views in public speeches, but they rarely engage in public debates. On Tuesday night, two of the officials who disagree most sharply about the Fed’s current policy did just that. The exchange between Charles L. Evans, an outspoken advocate for the Fed’s […]

Australia opens national child abuse inquiry

Source: BBC A national inquiry into child sex abuse has opened in the Australian city of Melbourne, with more than 5,000 people expected to provide evidence of “abuse and consequential trauma”. PM Julia Gillard has warned that the commission will unearth “some very uncomfortable truths”. She said that its opening […]