Day: April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon blasts: Is terrorism Muslim?

Source: The Express Tribune Author: Areeba Kamal Last time I checked, terrorism had no nationality or religion. It was defined as the senseless slaughter of innocents by perpetrators of violence. No matter what causes these terrorists claim to endorse, the damage they inflicted was not supposed to represent the teachings […]

Germans are losing patience with being cast as the euro zone’s scapegoats

Source: The Economist:   HITLER moustaches and swastikas defiling pictures of Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, have become a recurring motif in the iconography of the euro crisis, most recently in Cyprus. Scapegoating is inevitable during financial upheavals, says Marcel Fratzscher, president of DIW Berlin, a think-tank. Germany, he suggests, has […]

Religious Holidays 2013: An Interfaith Calendar (Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim And More)

Source: Huffington Post Follow:  Interfaith,  Video, 2013 Interfaith Calendar, 2013 Religious Calendar, Holy Days 2013, Interfaith Calendar 2013, Interfaith Festivals Calendar, Religious Calendar 2013, Religious Festivals 2013, Religious Holidays 2013, Religion News Click through the slideshow to see a pictorial religious calendar for 2013 with photographs of celebrations of the […]