Day: April 6, 2013

A Suggestion for Pakistan Television!

  By Zubair Khan During Pervez Musharraf period electronic media started enjoying freedom of expression. With passage of time it continued.Setting aside the state controlled TV stations all other channel these days seemed to be involved in various activities exposing those aspects which for years remained  no go areas of […]

Bangladesh arrests 3 of the 84 atheist bloggers for defaming Islam and Muhammad (saw)

Source: How could this have happened in a peaceful, tolerant Muslim nation such as Bangladesh? Did they appoint Eric Posner, Sarah Chayes, or Nathan Lean (aka “Garibaldi“) as Internet czar? “Bangladesh arrests three atheist bloggers,” from AFP, April 2 (thanks to Lookmann): DHAKA: Bangladesh police have arrested three atheist bloggers for allegedly defaming Islam and […]

The loneliest human being’

Source: BBC There’s a thing about being alone and there’s a thing about being lonely, and they’re two different things. I was alone but I was not lonely. My background was as a fighter pilot in the airforce, then as a test pilot – and that was mostly in fighter […]

The ethereal future of battle

Source: BBC.COM The future of warfare is no longer about bullets and bombs, or dominating land, sea and air. Instead, tomorrow’s victors will dominate the ether. The voice of the foreign military commander is sinister and gloating. “On the anniversary of our nation’s most glorious sea victory, let us remember […]

Closed Mosque

Closed mosque: The al-Misbah mosque belonging to the Indonesia Ahmadiyah Congregation stands deserted after being sealed off by public order officers assisted by police officers and soldiers on early Friday. […]

The Influences of Islam on Africans

Opposing Views, by Alison Lake. Some 20 percent of the world’s Muslim population lives in Africa, and nearly half of Africa’s population is Muslim. Islamic practice in Africa started over 1,400 years ago [W. African Islam, Ref. 4] with the arrival of Muslim conquerors in North Africa. They came from […]

The psychology of time

Source: The Economist: IN “TIME’S Arrow”, a novel by Martin Amis, the protagonist experiences time backwards. Eating involves regurgitating food into his mouth, sculpting the mush with his tongue, packaging it up and selling it to a grocery store. The passage on defecation is best left undescribed. Such a comic […]