Peace Loving Buddhists Crowds Attacked several Muslim Properties and a Mosque in Oakkan!

The Muslim Times’ Editor’s comment: BBC never uses the term terrorists for non-Muslims or ever link violence with any religion other than Islam.  They must have their good reasons!

Source: BBC

Fresh religious violence in Burma’s Oakkan town

Crowds of Buddhists are reported to have attacked several Muslim properties and a mosque in Oakkan, a town near Burma’s largest city, Rangoon.

Writing on his Facebook page, the president’s spokesman Ye Htut said the situation was now under control.

Religious tensions are high in Burma. In March, at least 40 people died when anti-Muslim violence erupted in the central town of Meiktila.

On Monday, an official commission reported on deadly clashes in 2012.

It recommended doubling the number of security forces in Rakhine state, which saw two bouts of ethnic clashes last year which left 190 people dead and 100,000 displaced.

It also said that the segregation of Muslim Rohingyas and Buddhists should continue, but acknowledged that was not a suitable long-term solution.

The Rohingyas are a stateless group who are not recognised as Burmese citizens.

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