Day: March 20, 2013

The Myth of Christian Persecution

Huff Post: by Candida Moss. Even the earliest, most ostensibly trustworthy martyrdom stories have been edited and reworked. The authors of these accounts borrowed from ancient mythology, changed the details of events to make the martyrs appear more like Jesus, and made the Roman antagonists increasingly venomous. The motivations of […]

Happy Nowruz to All!

Source: Huff Post, by Homa Sabet Tawangar. Nowruz is the primary holiday for Persians, and it is the only holiday celebrated by all Persians, of every religious background, whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Baha’i or of no religion. It is the focal point of the year for Iranians, as well as a […]

Where is the Muslim Pope?

By Haris Raja, Baltimore, MD. Pope Francis’ election made history.  All eyes were on the smoke from the Sistine Chapel’s chimney where cardinals gathered to elect the Pope. It was an important election as some, such as Cardinal McCarrick were concerned about the growing threats to religious freedom and harassment of Christians around the world. There was another smoke that did […]

Quote of the Day – By Roger Sperry

Roger Wolcott Sperry (August 20, 1913 – April 17, 1994) was a neuropsychologist, neurobiologist and Nobel laureate who, together with David Hunter Hubel and Torsten Nils Wiesel, won the 1981 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work with split-brain research.[1][2][3][4][5] “The meaning of the message will not be found in […]