Day: March 26, 2013

Robert Fisk: Lebanon is like a Rolls Royce with square wheels… it has a lot that’s worthy of praise but it doesn’t run so well – If no agreement is reached on a new election law parliament will be crushed

The prime minister has resigned, there’s no government to speak of, there are further street battles in Tripoli, the threat of more kidnappings. Lebanon, as we used to say in the civil war, returns to normal. And in some ways, it’s true. Lebanon is always living through the greatest crisis […]

Pakistani Media Reports: Leading physicists of the world highlighted the achievements of Dr. Abdus Salam at a symposium in London.

Radio Pakistan: Tributes paid to Nobel laureate Prof. Abdus Salam   Rich tributes were paid to Pakistan’s first and only Nobel laureate Professor Abdus Salam at a symposium held at Imperial College London today (Tuesday‚ March 26).   Leading physicists of the world‚ including Professor Tom kibble‚ Professor Michael Duff‚ Professor Chris […]

Tyranny of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Euphoria gives way to reality in Egypt: Bercovici The so-called Arab Spring is in a deep freeze in Egypt as the ruling Muslim Brotherhood confronts its critics in the street. The Toronto Star, Thousands of protesters in Cairo, Egypt, marched to express their rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood and President […]