New Book: ‘Muslim Secular Democracy’


Muslim Secular Democracy: Voices from Within
Edited by Lily Zubaidah Rahim (University of Sydney)
Published by Palgrave Macmillan
March 20, 2013

Muslim Secular Democracy: Voices From Within provides an expansive understanding of secularism in the Muslim World by exploring different trajectories and varieties of secularism, from the failed authoritarian secular state of Pahlavi Iran and the ambiguous secularism in Malaysia to democratizing passive secularism in Indonesia and shifts towards passive secularism under the AKP government in Turkey. Where the bulk of academic literature on democratization in the Muslim World focuses on the Arab World, this volume fills a gap by developing an integrated Muslim World perspective; together, the country case-studies provide multiple lenses through which to appreciate the socio-political shifts that have resulted in different democratic transitions, supported by varied discourses and propelled by diverse combinations of political, social, and religious actors. In the early twenty-first century, passive secularism increasingly aligns itself with mainstream Muslim aspirations for forms of wasatiyyah democracy and governance based on popular sovereignty and citizenship rights and for the incorporation of the sacred within the political framework of the inclusive secular state. The contributions to this volume examine the ways by which Muslim wasatiyyah democracy has been advanced by progressive Islamic Muslim discourses and movements grounded in the principles of equity and social justice.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: The Spirit of Wasatiyyah Democracy; Lily Zubaidah Rahim
1. Religious Secularity: Reconciliation between Political Islam and Secular Democracy; Naser Ghobadzadeh
2. The Spirited Voices of Muslim Women in Islamic Reform Movements; Amina Wadud
3. Progressive Islam and Qur’anic Hermeneutics: The Reification of Religion and Theories of Religious Experience; Safdar Ahmed
4. Democracy for Muslims: Javed Ahmed Ghamidi, Samina Yasmeen
5. Muslim support for secular democracy; Pippa Norris [see my post here]
6. Secularism and Religious Freedom: Challenging the ‘Postsecular’; Bronwyn Winter
7. The Crisis of State-led Islamization and Authoritarian Communal Governance in Malaysia; Lily Zubaidah Rahim
8. Sisters in Islam: Engendering Islamic Law Reform in Malaysia; Ratna Osman and Catherine Hirst
9. Religious Pluralism, Inclusive Secularism and Democratic Constitutionalism: The Indonesian Experience; Nadirsyah Hosen
10. Voices of Dissent: Social Movements and Political Change in Egypt; Tara Povey
11. Militant Laicists, Muslim Democrats and Liberal Secularists: Contending Visions of Secularism in Turkey; Christopher Houston

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