Day: March 28, 2013

Former U.S. Soldier Charged with Conspiring to Use Destructive Device While Fighting with al Qaeda-Affiliated Group in Syria

U.S. Attorney’s Office March 28, 2013 Eastern District of Virginia (703) 299-3700 ALEXANDRIA, VA—Eric Harroun, 30, of Phoenix, was arrested and charged with conspiring to use a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) while fighting with the al Nusrah Front, an organization commonly referred to as “al Qaeda in Iraq” and designated […]

How Obama Is Failing Syria

By Fouad Ajami Bloomberg In the matter of the Syrian rebellion, the U.S. hasn’t even “led from behind.” The Obama administration has pioneered a new role for a great power: We are now the traffic controllers, directing the flow of weapons to the rebels. The money isn’t ours; it is […]

Interview with Matenia Sirseloudi – What Drives Young People to Jihad?

Source: Qantara Interview conducted by Albrecht Metzger What is behind the Islamicisation and radicalisation of young people in Europe? To what extent do European foreign policies and military interventions abroad play a role in this? Albrecht Metzger spoke to sociologist Dr Matenia Sirseloudi about politically motivated violence and radicalisation processes […]