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  1. Maulana Maudoodi did not understand anything of religion or politics. He was wandering around with different ideas, some time preferring Islam to Communism.

    He was against Jama’at Ahmadiyah. For that he spent his whole life keeping Jesus son of Mary (a.s.) alive in heavens (or sky). I have read his Tafseer e Quran and even I used to give daras of Tafheem ul Quran after asr prayers daily for eight months. I covered upto Part 8 of Quran during that daras.

    Later I learnt that most of the things that he taught was all false.
    Maudoodi sahib said, “I do not see anything in Mr. Jinnah’s dress-up to believe that he is useful for Islam.”
    During run up to independence struggle, Maudoodi sahib did not support Muslim League against Indian Congress.
    In 1964, he brought out Miss Jinnah as his superior leader (working under a lady) and said that in Islam it is advised to accept the lesser evil. It meant that Miss Jinnah was lesser evil compared to Ayub Khan sahib. But he made her evil. And this theory did not occur to Maudoodi sahib in 1940 or 1944 to support Muslim League.
    He was working for “Hukumat e Ilahiyah”. That meant a highly pure Islamic form of government. But he did not know that he wold need a piece of land to make that government. He could never make his type of hukumat in India, or in air.
    When Muslim League and Indian Congress were seriously locked in battle and the Pakistan resolution was announced on 23 March 1940, there was no need for Maudoodi sahib to make a new party. (I could not explain this last point very well.) That was type of putting a third bucket (dole) in the well to fetch water.

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