Western media ‘got it wrong’ on Mursi, spark controversy

By Al Arabiya

Prominent and influential Western news media “got it wrong” on Monday in reporting that Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi had backtracked on his decision to claim sweeping powers beyond the judicial review.

Some news media published apologies for the mistake, others just chose not to and opted for making amendments to cover up their mistakes.

The Guardian initially published the headline “Morsi’s compromise fails to quell protests” but then the headline was changed and the live log even issued an apology. “Update: Apologies for falling for the spin earlier in the misleading headline to the blog.”

The New York Times article currently on their website, “Seeming Retreat by Egypt Leader on New Powers,” shows a slight change from an earlier title with the word “Seeming” added.

The Washington Post article still online — “Egypt’s Morsi appears to accept some limits on his power” — was re-published by The Independent.

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