Millions take to the streets of Egypt in an ever-growing media fantasy If that many were demonstrating, who was driving the trains, buses, underground, operating the airports, manning the police and army, the factories, and hotels?

Why does the Egyptian crisis appear so simple to our political leaders yet so complicated when you actually turn up in Cairo? Let’s start with the Egyptian press. Flowering after the 2011 revolution, the Egyptian media moved into lockstep the moment General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and the lads chucked President […]

Egypt’s five branches of government

By Rami G. Khouri The Daily Star Lebanon The dramatic events in Egypt over the past few days following President Mohammad Mursi’s unilateral decree giving him unchallenged political authority should not surprise or frighten anyone. In fact, the continuing developments can be seen as a positive stage in the country’s […]

Egyptian protesters clash with President Mohammed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood over decree giving Islamist head of state ‘unprecedented’ powers

Faced with the third day of bloody demonstrations in Cairo, Morsi said a decree granting himself near absolute power was only ‘temporary.’ BY BILL HUTCHINSON / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Egypt was a divided country in turmoil Sunday as protesters clashed with President Mohammed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood over a decree […]

Egypt erupts over Mursi ‘power grab’

CAIRO: ARAB NEWS Saturday 24 November 2012 Egyptian President Muhammad Mursi’s decision to assume sweeping powers caused fury among his opponents and prompted violent clashes in central Cairo and other cities yesterday. Police fired tear gas near Tahrir Square where thousands demanded Mursi quit and accused him of launching a […]

Crucial juncture

The brief meeting of parliament in Cairo Tuesday, in defiance of the Supreme Constitutional Court, reveals that the newly elected President Mohammad Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood are becoming selective […]