Morsi Gives Egypt Army Police Powers Before Referendum

Source: Jakarta Globe:

The military has warned it "will not allow" the situation to deteriorate
The military has warned it “will not allow” the situation to deteriorate

President Mohamed Morsi has ordered Egypt’s army from Monday to take on police powers — including the right to arrest civilians — in the run-up to a divisive constitutional referendum that has triggered mass street protests.

The decree, published in the government gazette, takes effect on the eve of mass rival protests on the referendum and follows street clashes that have left seven people dead and hundreds injured.


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  1. Even a small mistake on the part of Mr. Morsi will be fatal. They have written in constitution that Israel is an enemy. Such remarks are bad about a neighbor.

    Morsi should be thankful to Allah and should be gentle. Otherwise, he has got enough trouble at home.

    If he is wise and gentle and gives full freedom (rights)to people of all faiths, he will succeed. Otherwise, the example of Khomaini sahib and Mulla Umar is still fresh in every memory.

    By success I mean, he can give good constitution to his country, even better than any western country. He can make the people happy and even make another country like Egypt. He has to co-operate with other world leaders while looking after his own interests.

    Otherwise, Mr. Morsi will not last long. Even if he has got majority in country, it will not be easy sailing. Majority means nothing if they are all wrong. There will be turmoil, unrest and a lot of waste of energy.

    Mr. Morsi cannot designate any non-Muslim as a second class citizen. He has not conquered the country. All citizens are equal in the sight of law.

    I believe, if Mr. Morsi can control his brotherhood lot, it will be a great achievement. I wish peace and justice for all the people of Egypt.

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