Speak now, or forever hold your..

Daily Times: Mehr Tarar.

Speak and do because each action matters for it to become a collective narrative. Speak and do because you owe it to the world around you, and to you

Lament, whine, wail. Do it until it becomes a way of life. Do it until it does not even resemble the fading echo in a chamber. Do it until you are too bored to even add an abuse or two to your repeated death chant. Pakistan is a mess. Our lives are pictures of hell, depicting blank faces in dark alleyways. The infrastructure is a pain, things falling apart one railway carriage at a time. The education system is mind-numbingly inadequate or too expensive for the middle class. Inflation makes it hard to buy potatoes, and the tax on imported-from-Italy-Ferrari burns millions of the few rich men. The job market is saturated; the zillion colleges sprouted in every street/road/locality produce many lawyers/IT professionals/MBAs/MPAs while there are not enough programmes to make, corporations to sue, businesses to enhance and media houses to play journalist at. Houses are robbed, phones/cars are snatched at gunpoint, backs are stabbed, bullets enter bodies, hit-and-run incidents ruin families and properties are ‘mafia’-grabbed. Militants are trained, militants become terrorists, and the body count rises faster than the interior minister can say TTP. The country is poorer every day and the few rich men go to Dubai for a sushi dinner on an overnight trip. Politicians rob/lie/deceive and accuse others of the same. The neighbouring countries treat us with scepticism and the US considers us worse than what Michael Douglas thought of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.



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