Anti-Semitism in Parliament Hungary’s Far-Right Rhetoric Reaches New Dimension

Source: Spiegel

Photo Gallery: A Protest against the 'Jewish List'

People of Jewish heritage are a “security risk” and should be registered on a nationwide list, according to right-wing extremist Hungarian politician Márton Gyöngyösi. His comments, made in the country’s parliament, have sparked widespread outrage. But the government was slow to distance itself.

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  1. Well, this is a tricky issue. It might not be wrong, however, to question the loyality of dual citizens. – I recall Jewish members of the US senate visiting Jordan and Syria. After the visit to Syria two of them went straight to Israel to ‘report’. … why?

  2. How you can say they visited to report? Have you any proof of it? Same speculations are being done about those Pakaistanis having dual nationalities visitng India on other passport and then going to Paksitan on Pakistani Passport.

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