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  1. I agree with the court perfectly. If she has decided to live in Germany, she learn German to integrate well in the society.

  2. i concur with the court order, we need to assimilate into the culture, country, social life where we live. No man is an island. Every immigrant living in Germany must learn German, same goes for other countries, learn the local language if you or your kids want to advance.

  3. Strange though but it teaches us Urdu speakings Asian a lesson that we should know how important role the language plays in our lives. one’s language is one’s identity.Most of us give up Urdu and take pride in learning a foreign language.Not only in the western countries, the people living in Pakistan too are the samen. it has become the charachter of our Nation. They hate “angraiz” but love “angarzi”. We have double standrad.
    We look down who speaks only Urdu. Calling them hatefully, “Urdu Medium”.

    To overcome this complex some people speak a mixture of Urdu and English.
    Living Nations protect tier identity and culture.
    I always feel bad when while browsing the internet on Wikipedia or other links I do not see translation option in Urdu.
    I see a cluster of Urdu organization on the internet and in the western countries, in Europe, America Holland holding Seminars, and arranging Mushairas for the betterment of Urdu. In order to keep it alive. I wish they gave some attention to this aspect.
    Mostly the participants are elders . Very little portion of our young ones participate in such occasion here in the western countries.
    It is our dire need teach them Urdu if we care for our identity and want to keep Urdu alive.

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