The Israel-Palestine problem has a simple solution

By Matt Hill of  The Telegraph

Only political stubbornness, not popular support or irreconcilable differences, prevents the two-state solution from working, argues Matt Hill.

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza appears to be holding for now. But it simply marks then latest pause in an endless conflict between mortal enemies whose irreconcilable goals make compromise, let alone a solution, virtually unimaginable.

At least, that’s what many in politics and the media would have you believe. But the cliché that the Israel-Palestine conflict is some kind of fiendish puzzle with no workable solution is heard so often that we rarely stop to wonder if it’s true – and, crucially, whom it serves.

In fact there’s already a peace plan on offer that’s comprehensive and enjoys wide support, if only the two sides will accept it: the two-state solution. It would mean partitioning the land between the two nations living on it, resulting in countries called Israel and Palestine living side by side.


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  1. Hibatur Rehman is right. This conflict can be resolved by mutual understanding and returning to peace. There is no denying the state of Israel. If the Palestinians are a nation, they need a home too. (Before that they have to unite)
    They will have to give a sure guarantee of peace to Israel in order to get a piece of land.
    After getting the land, the new Palestinian state will have to remain on the path of peace with Israel.
    Egypt’s Morsi can play a good part in all this by taking a guarantee of peace from the Palestinians and himself making peace with Israel in return for a home for the Palestinians. Morsi needs to act in a good, wise way (all love and no hatred) at home and abroad.

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