“Pakistanisation”of Indonesia

Reseracher Warns against “Pakistanisation”of Indonesia

The Human Rights Chief of the United Nations has condemned violence and discrimination against Christians and Muslim minorities in Indonesia.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said she had met with leaders of Christian communities as well as the Islamic minority, Shiite and Ahmadiyah sects – all of which have been targeted by hardliners in recent years.

Listen to what the researcher says:


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  1. Dear Amtul Q Farhat
    While I have great sympathy with your political position on Ahmadiyah community around the world as well as concern for the oppression of ethnic and religious minorities in Indonesia,I believe that the title of this article:“Pakistanisation of Indonesia” is uncalled for and not helpful for the Ahmadiyah struggle for human rights. No two countries are same in context, situation, politics and even in the level of abuses. You must criticize Pakistani authorities, politicians and especially religious zealots but painting all Pakistanis with one brush is unfair.
    Kind regards

  2. Dear Mr. Quraishy, Just to point out that the term ‘Pakistanisation of Indonesia’ was not the brainchild of Ms. Farhat, but was quoted from the original article of Radio Australia.

    • Dear Rafiq
      Thanks for the information. Actually the fact that Australian Radio used the term ‘Pakistanisation of Indonesia’ makes my point more relevant. Muslim News must know the western media’s anti-Pakistan stance and its Islamophobic mindset. I am at present in Pakistan after 10 years on a lecture trip and can tell you that it is not the Pakistan, I see in the Danish and western media on daily basis.
      Kind regards

  3. Mr.Quraishy:
    Anti-Pakistanism is not equal to Islamophobia. Both are two different things. While Islamo-phobia is result of ignorance about a certain faith, contempt for Pakistan is based on a somewhat backlash of terrorist attacks carried on other countries, using muslims from other nationalities for own political gains and some more acts that i feel ashamed of writing here. You ask any Muslim in India which has world’s second largest population of Muslims. I am sure that their dis-approval rate of Pakistanis will be much higher than Hindus of India.


  4. It’s sad to see that European Muslims have lost their cause for Civil rights to Muslim supremacists.

  5. Let us test the hypothesis of ‘peaceful Pakistan’. While you are in Pakistan, declare in public that you are let’s say Shia and openly condemn atrocities against them. And dare roaming freely in the streets of Pakistan. It will be a miracle if you will return to Europe alive! Wish you all the best and FYI…

    Those who defend Pakistan should also take responsibility for fallacies of Pakistan too.

  6. Dear Mr.Muhammad Azimul Haque
    Either you have not understood the spirit of my comments or you have an axe to grind against Pakistan.Why on earth,you want me to ask the Indian Muslims about their opinion of Pakistan? I am well aware of the fact, how innocent people form their opinions through the media and political statements, including the Indian Muslims. I want people like you to distinguish between the acts of few religious fanatics and the rest of the innocent population.I do not judge all Indian Hindus by the actions of violent Hindu fanatics and the philosophy of Mr.Thakray or Moody.
    Pakistan was a very peaceful country until it got sucked into Afghan war and the resulting consequences. That you should not forget.

  7. Mr. Quraishy: Let us end this discussion by hearing you say that you will publicly condemn killings of muslims(including Ahmadis) by muslims of Pakistan. Else, much of the words which came out is quite useless in it’s political correctness and makes no sense.

  8. Dear Mr. Muhammad
    I think that you are not aware of my work against discrimination and religious discrimination. I have often publicly condemned the violent oppression by state and religious groups. Check it on Internet. So to ask me to prove this and that is not offensive but also shows your lack of information.
    One more thing; when you use the term, killing of Pakistani Muslims by Pakistani Muslims, you contradict your own argument. Both victims and perpetarators are Pakistanis and Muslims. But Islam and Pakistan should not be blamed for this violence. Focus on the segment which commits the crime against others. I am of politically correct but a man of facts and dislike generalizations to suit certain agenda.

  9. Just to make it clear, Muslim world is not obliged to defend a failed state running on Nazism and it’s Skin heads. From my experience it’s wastage of time to discuss anything with Pakistanis so leaving it here. To make it clear, my convictions about Pakistan and Pakistanis does not arise from ‘Zionist News media’ as fanatic muslims would call it. Rather, it comes from personal experience with Pakistanis. Also, i will like to warn all muslims from Pakistanis who tend to be first grade back-stabbers in the garb of religion.

    Just to tell you that do not show this false dream to European Muslims that they can have a homeland of their own in Europe, as ultimately this is the message seems to be coming out. Instead try help North African Muslims to integrate with Europe and help Pakistanis living in UK to speak English.

    It’s good to show example to European Muslims to improve their morale and overall well being, but do not present bad and tyrranical examples like Pakistan to them. As it came with the price of blood and bones of Muslims from India, Kashmir, Bangladesh and now Baluchistan and still counting.

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