Indonesia: KUA protested for “Ahmadis’ wedding”

The Jakarta Post, Tasikmalaya | Archipelago | Mon, November 12 2012

Hundreds of people from various Islamic organizations staged a protest on Monday in front of the Salawu Religious Affairs Office (KUA) in Indramayu, West Java, because of rumors that the office had wed an Ahmadis couple.

Coordinator of the protest, Asep Sofyan, said during his oration that they objected to the KUA legally recording the marriage of Ahmadis – as Ahmadiyah was not Islam. “We have come here to check whether the rumor is true,” he said.

Head of the Selawu KUA, Ana Suryana, denied that his office recorded any Ahmadis’ marriage.

“No Ahmadis marriage has been recorded by the Salawu KUA. It is haram (prohibited under Islamic Law) to record their marriage as they are not the real Muslims,” he told

He did, however, confirm that a couple signed up their marriage but the office canceled the process after they reexamined the identity of the couple and found out that the groom was an Ahmadi.

“The girl has already converted to [mainstream] Islam but the man has not,” he said, adding that they only listed their names but did not send any penghulu (wedding-vow administrators).

Ana said that when the couple asked why they could not marry at the KUA, he explained that the KUA was following the joint ministerial decree (SKB Tiga Menteri) regarding the Islamic minority sect, which bans it from spreading its teachings. (cor/iwa)

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  1. Look like that Islam now belongs to uleamas and they can dictate who is Muslim and who is not. Are they not forgetting that Allah swt is the Greatest and the All-Knowings. Faith is individual and between Him and that individual AND NOT between the individual and uleama who decides a person faith.

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