A day in Qadian

By Zubair Khan
On Tuesday, 30th of October-2012 at about 10.00, I entered the gate of Ahmadiyya Mohellah Qadian. Script in very bold letters, “Love for all Hatred for None” on this gate was was glittering under briskly sunshine.  It was my first ever visit to Qadian Darul Amaan in my life. After little bit effort I was sitting in the Nizarat Amoore Ama Officer. On the instructions of Nazir Amoore Ama, Mr Majid guided me to Bahashti Maqbara.  After entering the sacred graveyard I requested my guide to leave me alone as I wanted to feel the atmosphere.  After having a round of the Bahashti Maqbara and having said my prayers from the outer Perimeter of  Mizar Mubarak still felt some thing missing. It was my earnest wish to enter the Qita Khas and to pray standing directly on the Mizar Mubarak of Hadhrat Masih Moud AS. To an apparent worker I narrated my wish. He looked at my face and having inquired that I have come all the way from Germany, he managed to get permission and permitted me to stand on the Mizar Mubarak for prayers.  Next few minutes I could feel my self in different world. Tear flew unintentionally from my eyes and what ever I could remember I kept on praying.  It was an experience which one can only feel but can never express in words. I thanked the young man and left for Khilafat memorial built in the Bhashti Maqbara. After paying homage to this historical place I took a guided tour of Aqsa Mosque, Minaret-ul- Masih, Darul Masih and Mubarak Mosque. Since my aim was to pray on each possible sacred spot as such I requested my guide to leave me alone to which he agreed willingly. Next few hours I really enjoyed making special prayers at Baitud Dua, Baitul Fikr, Room where sign of Red Ink Spots occurred, side portion of Mubarak Mosque Where Hadhrat Masih Moud AS used to walk after entering the Mubarak Mosque. His place of birth, where he kept fasts and the well from where used to get water all were seen and felt in depth. I thank to Almighty Allah that during whole of my stay in sacred places, none interfered and I enjoyed all these moments alone with extremely joyable taste which one can only feel but can not express. A surprising experience which at least I went through that when I performed Salat in the area where it was told the presence of Hadhrt Masih Moud AS, when I used to raise my head a little bit from Sajda, I felt a very special aura in the atmosphere.  I tried to smell the carpet of the mosque to verify if it is coming from sprayed perfume but could not smell any thing.  It remained a mystery for me.  May be some one could explains it what I felt.
After having performed Zohar prayers landed in Langar Khana Hadhrat Masih Moud AS. Mr Mahfouz, Naib Afsar Langar Khana was extra ordinarily nice to host me. The elderly person who served the food seemed to be a man from different world. During conversation he revealed he lives with his companion. When asked more about companion details it revealed the Allah is his companion.  As per his philosophy as long human being survives is partnered by Allah provided if some one has developed this partnership. How deeply Mutaqi people live in that sacred town one can only feel in presence of such people.
Moulana Nasim Khan, Nazir Amoore Ama was extra kind to accompany me for small shopping and then took me to his residence in Ahmadiyya colony for a cup of tea.
I spent about two weeks in current tour of India starting from Bangalore, New Delhi, Amritsar, Agra, Ludhiana, Batala etc. Air, rail, bus, taxi, auto rickshaw, cycle rickshaw, motor cycle and pedestrian modes of travelling used by me to taste the real life of Indians. The country is peaceful compared to neighbouring country but seems  too much overcrowded with human beings.  Every one is busy and running for some thing.  However when one enters Ahmadiyya Mohellah Qadian, one finds himself/herself entirely in different world.  It is quite, peaceful, clean and full of love for each other. And surely it is the result of the presence of Hadhrat Masih Moud AS, his companions and his community which has the motto of love for all and hatred for none. Long Live Qadian Darul Amaan

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  1. I also wish to visit Qadian again and feel the atmosphere there . Last I visited was in 1965 (47years) when I was a young boy . Insha-Allah.

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