Burma considers citizenship for Rohingya Muslims

Source: The Telegraph

Burma has acknowledged the persecution of its stateless Rohingya Muslim minority and is considering giving citizenship to thousands of members of the group as a first step to finding a solution to the conflict with local Rakhine Buddhists.

The government’s search for a ‘win-win’ solution to the conflict between the two groups follows a new outbreak of violence last week in which attacks by Buddhist mobs left 89 dead and forced more than 28,000 to flee their homes. An estimated 130 Rohingya refugees from the violence are missing off the coast of Bangladesh after their boat sank while heading to Malaysia. Bangladesh has refused to accept Rohingya refugees because it believes many are illegal immigrants.

The scale of the violence and the suffering of those forced to flee prompted calls for the Burmese government to intervene and warnings from the international community that its recent democratic reforms would be tarnished if it did not stop the attacks.

In an interview with The Hindu newspaper, Burma’s information minister, U Ang Kyi, said his government is working towards a “win-win solution for all stakeholders” and acknowledged that the statelessness of its Rohingya Muslim minority is a key cause of its suffering in the country.

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  1. If this leads to peaceful solution, Muslim world as per example of Rasul Allah(s.a.s.) should forgive Myanmar government and Rakhine Buddhists. Muslim world should instead channel it’s energy and resources on rehabilitation of Rohingyas and Rakhine Buddhists and help nation building. insha Allah!

  2. There could be an easy solution: The Muslim oil states could promise Myanmar Government a few hundred million dollars in aid, if they solve this problem. Aid with ‘strings attached’ is nothing new, let there be some positive strings attached for a change. (instead of aid ‘if you support my war efforts’ for instance).

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