Prayers For Peace

USA: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Detroit Participates in the “2020 International Day of Peace” hosted by TIG & KYND

Report by Muhammad Ahmad Detroit Michigan Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Detroit participates in the 2020 International Day of Peace hosted by Troy Area Interfaith Group in collaboration with the KYND (Know Your Neighbor Daily) on September 17, 2020. The Troy–area Interfaith Group exists to invite all faith communities to gather, grow […]

India: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Shimoga Organizes Book Stall in Sahyadri Utsav – A Report

Courtesy: Syed B.M.Ahmad Afzal, President, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Shimoga, Karnatka, India The AHMADIYYA Muslim Jamaath, Shivamogga,  Karnataka, India organized a Book Stall at Sahyadri Utsav (an event organized by District Administration and Tourism,  Shivamogga District). This event was organized after 10 years and a daily Float of more than 50000 public from all walks […]

Trump Declares ‘National Day of Prayer’ For Hurricane Harvey Victims

To Whom Are We To Pray? The God who caused Hurricane Harvey, or the God who did nothing to stop it? Trump declares “National Day of Prayer.” September 1, 2017 by Michael Stone,  6 Comments Read more at President Trump has declared Sunday a “National Day of Prayer” in honor […]

Gambia: Ahmadi Muslims Face Rising Persecution

Source: (JollofNews) – The Ahmadiyya Muslim community in the Gambia is coming under increased persecution by the country’s predominant Sunni Muslim sect. The small community of several thousands consider themselves Muslims, but that is a view rejected by mainstream Islamic sects. The Gambia’s main Muslim body, Supreme Islamic Council,  responsible […]

USA: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Connecticut organizes Muslims for Loyalty Tent at CT Meriden’s 12th Annual National Night Out

Report by Zahir Mannan ﺒﺴﻡﺍﻟﻠﻪﺍﻟﺭﺤﻤﻥﺍﻟﺭﺤﻴﻡ Nahmaduhu wa nusalli alaa RasoolihilKareem الحمدلله MubarakAllah! By Allah swt’s, grace, we availed another opportunity in propagating the timely Message: Truth of the universal Messiah (as) & true Khalifa of Islam Ahmadiyya (aba) during the 12th Annual Meriden’s National Night Out. This progressive gathering is […]