Expert: Meningitis shot for pilgrims should be taken 10 days before Haj


Wednesday 10 October 2012

An eminent medical consultant on respiratory diseases advised domestic pilgrims on Monday to take their vaccine against meningitis 10 days before they proceed for Haj.

Dr. Naila Abu Jedaie, specialist on chest diseases, was answering calls through the call center of the Ministry of Health, which was set up to help local pilgrims who will be performing Haj this year.

Besides vaccination, Jedaie was also speaking regarding medications of the pilgrims who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, and chest diseases like pneumonia, asthma and seasonal influenza. Jedaie said the Health Ministry had adequate stock of medicines to treat such ailments.

Patients with chronic diseases, she said, should consult their physicians before starting the pilgrimage and strictly follow medical advice.

Regarding vaccines against meningitis, she said the dose is mandatory not only for pilgrims but also for health workers who are serving the pilgrims. She added that it is valid for two years and is available free of charge at all primary health care clinics in the Kingdom. The vaccine is also available at all private clinics at a nominal cost.
The call center was started on Saturday for the eighth consecutive year.


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