Guided Evolution as Explaied by the Quran

Is it not enough evidence that the third attribute of God in the Quran is Rab? Especially for those who are attuned with Arabic should not term evolution as a non-Islamic concept when “Rab” is used to introduce us to God. Anyone who is curious should check Lane for the definitions of “Rab” (right column 2nd para end). And there they will find one who completes in degrees. Does not the Arabic lexicon contain the word “Tarabiyyat” the root word of which is also “Rab”? Isn’t the Islamic concept of God the Lord that leads to perfection in degrees and stages? How, then, does this contradict the theory of evolution? In fact the theory of Evolution (that with the progression of time species have evolved from uni-cellular organisms to various animals and finally human beings) is perfectly supported by the Quran. If not then show how the theory contradicts the Quran. Has it not been written in the Quran:

Man, what has emboldened thee against thy Gracious Lord, Who created thee, then perfected thee, then proportioned thee aright? He fashioned thee in whatever form He pleased.
(Al-Infitar 82:7-9)

The verse clearly state that our creation was not the same as our perfection which was not the same as our proportioning. The three are mentioned as seperate stages. And then:

What is the matter with you that you expect not wisdom (intelligence) and staidness from Allah? While He has created you in different forms and ever changing states? Have you not seen how Allah has created seven heavens in perfect harmony, and has placed the moon therein as a light, and made the sun as a lamp?
(Al Nooh 71:14-17)

In fact the whole process of Evolution was very obviously guided by a Creator (“whatever form He pleased”) and it takes great leaps of probabilistic impossibilities for someone to suggest otherwise. An evolution by chance or merely in the grips of natural selection could certainly not have led it to humans. But the Quran clearly supports our stage by stage evolution from initial creation until our current state. For Muslims to deny this and immitate Christians in their fairy tale stories of a man and a woman from his ribs is a grave error. Where is the “wisdom and staidness” in that? Look at the various religions of the world and their claim that life started with rishis or one man, etc. And look at the clear statements by the Quran on the origin of life.

Is it not written that Adam was God’s first Khalifa (vicegerent) on Earth? Can one be a Khalifa of oneself? To whom was Adam representing God? Specifically the Quran does not call him the first human on Earth but he is known instead as God’s first Khalifa (caliph) on Earth. One needs a community to be a Khalifa off. It makes no sense to have a caliph appointed to nobody. Therefore a community of humans must have been present to whom Adam was appointed a caliph.And there is still more evidence that I should point to in the next post. The Quran on one hand giving fresh scientific signs of truth and all the other religious books on the other hand. Why would anyone choose anything other than Islam?

Next post will discuss according to the Quran that the first living organism was, in fact, not a male, insha’Allah.

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