Saudi women can divorce smoking husbands, judge says

A judge has ruled that Saudi women are permitted to divorce husbands who smoke.

Those who knew about the habit prior to finalising their marriage contract excluded

By Jumana Al Tamimi, Associate Editor GULF NEWS

Dubai: Saudi women who suffered as a result of their husbands’ smoking are allowed to file cases against their husbands should they have health issues, a Saudi judge has said.

Appeals Judge Ebrahim Khodairi said in an interview published in the Arabic-language Saudi newspaper Al Watan that the “legal rules applied in these cases could reach the stage of divorce.”

If this is the case, all women will be divorced

Saudi man

“If a woman married a man and then found out that he is a smoker, and she mentioned in her case that she had, as a result of his smoking, a health issue in the chest and severe allergy, after stating that she didn’t want in the first place to marry a smoker because she considered it a fault in the man, their marriage should be ended because of the harm smoking causes and the inability of the couple to continue their life together,” Khodairi explained.

However, he excluded the cases of those women who were aware of their husband’s smoking prior to finalising their marriage contract.

NOTE BY THE EDITOR: What about asking your future husband before the marriage whether he smokes?

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  1. He might lose a wife, but he can top the numbers up!
    Those women who smoke may consider a smoking husband for marriage.Perhaps that should be added to their profile.

    Seriously, it is important that women should be told if their future husband smokes as it is a great hindrance for women who cannot stand smoke for whatever reason.

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