We condemn target killing of president of Jamaat Ahmadiyya’s Orangi Town chapter

Let Us Build Pakistan: LUBP condemns the brutal murder of Mr. Mukarram Naeem Ahmad Gondal in Karachi on Thursday, 19 July 2012. This is the second target killing of an Ahmadiyya Muslim in Karachi and eleventh in Pakistan this year.

Approximately 300 Shia Muslims, 7 Ahmadiyya Muslims and also some moderate Sunni Muslims have been target killed by LeJ-ASWJ terrorists so far in 2012 alone.

According to news reports, Mukarram Naeem Ahmed Gondal, president of Jamaat Ahmadiyya’s Orangi Town chapter, was shot by two men on a motorbike as he was leaving his residence for work.

Gondal, 52, was working as an assistant director for the State Bank of Pakistan. He was a resident of Meteroville SITE. He leaves behind his wife among the bereaved.

A committee member of the Sadr Anjuman Ahmaddiya Rabwah Pakistan, requesting anonymity, told The Express Tribune that he was serving as the president of the Jamaat’s Orangi Town chapter for the past 11 years.

“He had no enemies and was very well respected,” he said.

The incident is the second killing of an Ahmadi in Karachi this year. Earlier in January, Ahsan Kamal was gunned down in Manzoor Colony.

There have also been various other attacks on Ahmadis in the city, where the victims were able to escape death. Muhammad Akram Bhatti was a victim of one such attack, which left him severely injured.

“This state of fear has made living difficult for us,” said Mukarram Saleemuddin, a Jamaat Ahmadiyya spokesperson. He added that wall chalking inciting religious hatred were cropping up in various localities as well.


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  1. Human Rights Restoration International Forum – HRRIF strongly condemns the brutal killing of Mr Gondal an Ahmadi Muslim and ask authorities including MQM leader Altaf Bhai to interfere and provide justice and protection to Ahmadis living in Karachi hub of Pakistan. HRRIF sympathise with the family of the deceased. Target killing and killing of innocent humsn being on the ground of their religious beliefs is crime against humanity and no religion on thd earth allows that.

  2. Such unhuman acts are shame for Pakistan. Goverments are found fail to control it. This will stop when every godfearing pakistani will realize and practice Islamic Teaching ” cooperate in the matters of goodness and in stoping evil”. This will only hapen when pakistanies will start using their own wisdom and abandon all Mulas as all so called Mulas are corrupt and they promote hate against other sects of Islam and non muslims contrary to Islamic Teachings.

  3. inna lillahe wa inna allehe rajeoun.

    The world witnessed yet another barbaric act of target killing of minority sect people. The authorities must arrest the accused who are enemies to whole human kind and bring justice to bereaved family members immediately. its a matter of grief and high concern that the sanctity and prestiness of Islam and teachings of holy quran are in its basic violation in a muslim dominated country like pakisthan and the authorities and government remain unaffected and unconcerned of the brutal acts happening right under its nose. Shame on the authorities and so called muslim scholars in pakisthan on tarnishing the image of true Islam which preaches love, brotherhood, equality and secularism at its core….

  4. Yes we do condemn it with our heart and soul. No innocent killing should ever take place for any reason ever and ever again in Pakistan or else where.Amen
    May Allah enable them to realise what they are doing. Amen

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