Courts have a duty to provide people with justice: CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry

The Muslim Times’ Editor for Pakistan

Credit: Xpress Tribune

Published: July 17, 2012

RAWALPINDI: Terming the judiciary as the ultimate protector of citizens’ rights and liberties, Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has said that “the people of Pakistan repose great confidence in the judiciary and it is the duty of judges as well as lawyers to act as a bulwark against constitutional excesses and arbitrariness in order to turn Pakistan into a true welfare state.”

Addressing the gathering for the inauguration of a new judicial complex in Rawalpindi early on Tuesday morning, the Chief Justice reiterated that no one is over and above the law, and that the court has a duty to provide the people with justice.

“Judiciary today is fully alert and responsive to the peoples’ grievances and sufferings. It will leave no stone unturned in securing their fundamental rights of life, liberty and property,” he said.

Judicious disposition

The Chief Justice linked the provision of rights to the public to the success of the justice system. “Success of the justice system depends upon the services rendered by its legal professionals.”

“They are the promoters and protectors of human rights and constitutional norms and as part of their professional duties,” he said. The judicial cog stood on both the bench and the bar and both needed to work in tandem to provide justice to the public. “They share equal responsibility with the bench to keep ‘the stream of justice pure and unsullied’. The bar and the bench, the two proverbial wheels of the chariot of justice, are required to nurture a dynamic relationship of mutual respect, cooperation and liaison for achieving the goal of fair dispensation of justice, eradicating social evils, and building the society on the norms of justice, equality and fair play.” More


Editor’s Take: Looking at the treatment of minorities in Pakistan, case in point —recent demolition of minarets in Kharian of an Ahmadi Mosque, it seems Supreme Curt either does not consider minorities as equal citizens of Pakistan, or does not believe in religious freedom , like the politicians, since treatment with minorities is in the blind spot of the Chief Justice and

judiciary at large.

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  1. It is our bad fortune and an irony of our fate that Pakistan leaders and responsible persons occupying seats of decision-making authority, always talk very wise things in fine words from public platform or pulpits but would betray and contradict themselves through their actions and practices. And it is due to this immoral, unethical, inhuman uncivilized ways of their lives, that our life has become full of contradictions.This speech of Chief Justice also fall in the same category of speeches making huge noise signifying nothing.If these so-called pulpit-type speakers/leaders indulge in making the U-turn of their words and actions, we will be surely the most backward nation and country in th world. The proof of such an unenviable situation is that Pakistan is the world’s 6th Nuclear country and at the same time it is the weakest economically , educationally and socially too, and at same time, it is also passing through the agony and torture of the 20 hours electric load-shedding daily, due to which 90% luck-less people of Pakistan have no relief during the day-time and no proper sleep during nights, something which is enough to make them a nation of ‘mental-case’people. One could only pray for such-like poor people and its derailed, demoralized, irresponsible leadership.

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