Saudi girls impress NZ women


Thursday 12 July 2012

A cultural program recently organized by Saudi girl students in Wellington impressed New Zealand women as it removed their misconceptions about Saudi women and their achievements.

Nineteen Saudi girls took part in the program, which explained the various roles and aspects of Saudi women.
New Zealand women who attended the program called for organizing such events at least twice a year.

Erin, an official at Victoria University, said: “I have attended many programs organized by foreign students in Victoria University but none of them reached the standard of program presented by the Saudi girls.”

Laila Faden and Batoul Al-Saif played a leadership role in the program supervised by Dr. Sattam Al-Otaibi, Saudi cultural attaché in New Zealand.

Fatma Fuhaida, Zainab Al-Hussein and Afnan Al-Ajlan spoke about outstanding Saudi women and their achievements.
They also highlighted the gains of Saudi girls in Wellington.

Fatma Al-Saif, Linda Al-Dadi, Manal Al-Nasser and Dhuha Al-Asheikh explained the traditions from the birth of a child until marriage while Narjis Al-Khabbaz, Maha Al-Fehaid, Batoul Al-Saif and Amani Ateef explained how Saudi mothers bring up their small children, singing songs, telling stories and reciting from the Holy Qur’an.

Zahra Al-Saif and Ameena Al-Yousuf presented on how Saudis welcome their guests and ensure their comfort

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