Police demolish Ahmadi worship place minarets in Kharian,Lahore in Pakistan.

LAHORE: Six minarets of an Ahmadi place of worship, Baitul Hamd, were demolished by the Kharian city police Tuesday night.

The demolition took place on the application of Saqib Shakeel Ghazi, Syed Iftikhar Kazmi and others from the Barelvi religious organisation called Tehreek-e-Tahaffuz-e-Islam. It had been filed to the Kharian police station.

The application asked the police to take action under the Section 298 B and C of the 1984 ordinance, which declares it illegal for Ahmadis to act or look like Muslims, to practice or propagate their faith and to call their worship place a “mosque”.  There were no court orders for the demolition.

6 minarets of the Ahmadiyya Mosque at Khariyan demolished, 2 bigger ones to be taken down later.

Police personnel, under the supervision of DSP Sultan Meeran, assisted by SHO Kharian Sadar Police Station Raja Zahid went to the worship place located near Kabari Bazar, Pul Nullah in Kharian.

Ahmadi community spokesperson in Kharian, Nasir Dar told The Express Tribune that six minarets had already been demolished whereas the police would demolish the two bigger ones later on as one was attached to the worship place’s electric supply and the other would fall on the building if not taken apart with the help of skilled labour.

The Kalma written on the front of the worship place’s entrance was also removed by the police as well, and the complimentary quotes about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were whitewashed.
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  1. Very unfortunate incident. This nation is already accursed by Almighty Allah for the atrocities being committed against humanity and human beings, contradictory to all teachings of Islam. Shameful that so called Muslims are adamant on removing Kalama and Koranic verses from a place of worship, may it belong to a Hindu or a Christian. A place of worship is a place of worship and the Supreme Authority being worshiped therein is the same One Almighty, may it be called Raam or God or Allah. Wrath of Allah is increasing day by day in Pakistan but the ill guided so called Muslims have no sense. Mark my words, next year shall be much more horrifying for Muslims of the world in general and Pakistan in particular. This is because they are trying to hit hard on Ahmadiyat the true Islam. enmity of the Promised Messiah shall not go unpunished by the King of kings the Almighty Allah

  2. اِنَّا لِلہِ وَاِنَّا اِلَیْہِ رَاجِعُوْن

  3. It is another sad day for Pakistan, the so called Islamic democratic country. The authorities in Pakistan have no courage to challenge fanatic Mullahs and their followers who want to enforce their brand of Islam. These mad persons have no knowledge of the real Islam taught by Holy Prophet Mohammed (May peace be upon him)and no fear of Allah. They have all destroyed this beautiful country.

  4. Sobbing is not enough.
    Make Hell for the Paleet Government,in a civilized way.
    Contact Foreign Offices/Secretaries/Ministers in US,UK,Canada,Germany,India & other civilised countries.
    Contact Amnesty Int.,Human Right Watch,UN Commission on human rights & other similar groups.
    Contact your elected officials.
    And finally Pray for the destruction of Paleetistan.

  5. Can a person reciting Kalma-e-Tayyab or other five Kalma be declared non-muslim by any other fellow being just being instigated by the handful of mullah. It is ridiculous.

    I am afraid what will happen to “shiite” community after the departure of “Zardari”?

    Rest of the “72” sects are sharpening tools against
    Shiite sects.

    May God grant wisdom and logic to our leaders and the Mullahs. I can just pray for everybody living in the bonds of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan that was carved out for the security and well-being of Muslims, specially for the minorities in the community.

    God Bless Pakistan, Amen.


  6. Strange enough. I never saw Kalma being removed from mosques spanning from Israel to Inidia and the US.

    May Allah preserve Kalma, amen.



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