Great scientist looses out to Religious forces

Source: Deutsche Welle Hindi

Pakistan has forgotten its only nobel laureate on religious grounds. Abdus Salam contributed towards providing framework for Higgs Bones ‘God particle’.

Abdus Salam is an evidence of three decades of increasing religious fundamentalism in Pakistan. He died in 1996. For his advanced work on physics and for providing direction to Pakistan on its nuclear programme in it’s initial phase, he was considered as a national hero. Now his name has been removed from the school text books of Pakistan because he belonged to Ahmadiyya community, to whom government considers as Non-Muslim and Taliban as infidels.

In the past few years religious extremism has achieved solid ground. Apart from Ahmadiyya, the condition of minorities such as Shite Muslims, Hindus and Christians has worsened. Majority of Pakistani population is follower of Sunni Islam.

Who was Abdus Salam

Born in undivided India In 1926, Abdus Salam was intelligent from his childhood. He won more than a dozen of prize and felicitations during his lifetime. In 1979 he was awarded nobel prize along with Steven Weinberg for his contribution in particle physics.

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