Pakistan a peaceful nation

Pakistan: Student kills professor for alleged blasphemy

Bahawalpur student suspected of murdering professor remanded to police custody Mohammad ImranUpdated March 21, 2019    3 An old photo of deceased Professor Khalid Hameed of Government Sadiq Egerton College. — DawnNewsTV An anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Bahawalpur on Thursday remanded to police custody a college student arrested yesterday for allegedly stabbing […]

The danger of mainstreaming militants in Pakistan

By Vinay Kaura Pakistan’s hybrid system of government oscillates between patrimonalism, semi authoritarianism and quasi-democracy. The military is Pakistan’s most powerful institution which uses both populism and democratic cover to legitimate its dominance, while the civilians are left with little option but to depend on the military to stay in […]

Pakistan: Man Blinded by Father, Brothers in Loralai for Falling in Love

Balochistan: A man has been blinded by his own father and siblings for allegedly wanting to marry a girl he fell in love with in southwestern Pakistan. Baqi, 22, thought his family would help him get married. Instead, his father and four brothers accused him of violating Islamic values and removed […]

Pakistan: Prominent Sikh Leader shot dead in Peshawar

Yudhvir Rana / TNN / May 30, 2018 AMRITSAR: A prominent Sikh religious leader Charanjit Singh Sagar was shot dead in Peshawar city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan on Tuesday. President of Peshawar based Khalsa Peace and Justice Foundation of Pakistan Radesh Singh Tony told TOI that unidentified gunmen shot dead Charanjit Singh in […]

The ‘not-yet-disappeared’ in Pakistan

Rafia Zakaria  DAWN.COM – Updated May 16, 2018 The writer is an attorney teaching constitutional law and political philosophy. IT’S the stuff of nightmares: the sudden arrival of a number of men into the privacy of one’s home, a search, and then a family member taken away. This is what reportedly […]

Pakistan: Ahmadiyya a persecuted minority

Forbidden From Calling Themselves Muslims, Targeted By Religious Extremists And Accused Of Blasphemy For Practicing Or Even Affirming Their Faith, Ahmadis Still Cling To The Country They Helped Establish. BY TAHA ANIS The names of some of the Ahmadis interviewed in this story have been changed to protect their identities. For […]