Which religion is the correct and true religion?


“Gnostic” comes from the Greek word for “learned”. In the context of religion, it means one claims to know whether god exists or doesn’t. “Agnostic” on the other hand means (at least in this context) unknowable. I’m an agnostic atheist. This means that I don’t believe in the existence of god(s), but I also don’t claim to know if god(s) exist or not. I don’t think it’s impossible for such a being to exist, but I do think it’s extremely unlikely that one does.

The only thing being an atheist requires is the lack of belief in god(s). Topics on evolution, big bang theory, abortions, homosexuality, aliens and such vary from person to person and all atheists do not hold the same stances regarding these topics. Most, however, do not believe that anything of the supernatural variety (god, souls, afterlife, demons, etc) exists in reality. I hold that position as well.

I feel this does grant me a very different perspective to that of the believer. I feel that since I became an atheist I’m much more appreciative of my life, because to me, this is the only existence I will ever know. This is just my opinion though and you’re, of course, entitled to your own. It’s likely that you essentially believe that you’re immortal. I know it may sound silly when I put it that way, but it’s basically true. That once this life ends, another begins and you never truly cease to exist. This does make me wonder why theists are still so afraid of dying though. But that’s another topic for another time.

I wanted to put my beliefs forward for reference, just so you know what they are and my position before I go into this next bit. It doesn’t really matter what religion I was raised in, but if one must know, it was one of the three abrahamic religions. I’m also only going to address these three. But the article does apply to all religions generally.

So what I wanted to talk about was: which religion is the true, correct and accurate religion? Let’s present a hypothetical scenario. Say I was looking for a religion to subscribe to, which would I choose? I’d want to join the one that was going to ensure that I would live happily and ensure I had a good, solid spot in heaven.

Now regarding religions, there are just too many to count. I mean, each religion is even separated into many denominations of itself, each with altered belief systems and rules that they follow. Christianity, for example, has approximately 38 000 different sects of itself throughout the world. That’s quite large isn’t it? Each different sect believes they’re the correct form of Christianity and that everyone else got it wrong (or maybe only slightly wrong?). Some view homosexuality as an abomination, while others are open and progressive towards it. There are various differences; too many to list here.



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