“Pity” and “Pathetic” Too Small Words for Pakistan Minister

“PITY” – AND – “Pathetic” sound TOO SMALL WORDS for Mr. Rehman Malik; The Federal Minister for Interior Affairs – and – as a Top Liner in PPP Government – now as well as in the Past as Director General FIA.

Everyine is encouraged to watch the following Video Clips – AND – PRAY !!!!

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  1. Very nice post….recently I had seen another post in which, it was said that the former PM of Pakistan Shaukat Azeez and his delegation had to pay fines to Saudi authorities for violating code of conduct during their visit of Makkah for Umrah for not wearing Ihraam. Shameful !!!

  2. Wonderful post. After all not only ‘the problem’ was shown, but also ‘the solution’. If the Pakistani politicians would learn something from 4 year old Ahmadis the country would be in better shape.

  3. See real face of a Muslim minister of a Muslim country making other Muslims non Muslims: ” empty drum bears more” all arevjoking with Islam using it for their nefarious ulterior motives but the people knowingly do not understand them and their real face full of corruption and loot.

    • With all fairness to all countries, nations and people;
      This is True that Pakistan as a country is “NOT in GOOD SHAPE” and perhaps “NOT in GOOD HANDS” – but – it is BY all MEANS – a MOTHERLAND for many – the land where many of us were born and raised.

      As it appears to have gone BAD today – it does by no means construe to mean that it’s stature of being the Motherland has now Squirmed – OR – it does no longer deserve ITS DUE REGARDS AND RESPECTS – or – some of us should MIS-NOMINCLATE it.

      I, as an Ahmadi take pride in my Pakistani Origin – and – I know that my elders’ Blood and Sweat irrigated its roots – and – I also know that my contemporary generation and the one earlier to us have Done All Possible to Protect its Sovereignty.

      This is TRUE that it has been taken over and is being roved by those elements which were in sheer opposition to its establishment – but – should I relinquish my RESPECT for the Mother Land because of them ?

      Please forgive my BLUNT ANALOGY here in this regard; that {zillion times IF} my real mother is RAPED – should I BLAME HER – OR – the RAPIST ?

      Again – with all the fairness to FREEDOM of EXPRESSION – it is no body’s right to MIS-NOMINCLATE one’s Mother Land.

      I ALSO remember that my Beloved Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib, r.h., The 4th Caliph of Ahmadiyyat at one time DECLINED to Address the Joint Session of the American Parliament (during General Zia’s most persecuting and atrocious regime); which otherwise is a matter of GREAT WORLDLY FORUM, just for ONE REASON that time is such that TRUTHFUL ANSWERS to many expected Questions may not be suitable to “The Original Grace of the Land”.

      This is what I remember of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Hadhrat Muhammad s.a.w., at the time of His Migration from Mecca; halting at the Out Skirts and Turning His Holy Face towards Mecca and Addressing – “O’Mecca, you are so very dear to me – but – it is so sad that People Dwelling within are so very hostile to me.”

      Neither the Holy Prophet of Islam, Hadhrat Muhammad s.a.w., Nor any of the Muslim Caliphs of the Early Days, r.a.a., Nor the Holy Promised Messiah Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, a.s., Nor any of the Ahmadiyya Caliphs – has EVER “Mis-Nominclated” any country or jurisdiction of authority.


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