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Exclusive Resemblance: An Unbelievable Vision!(Part-II)

I had earlier shared a Post regarding the testimony of a Hindu businessman of Multan named Lala Kalyan Das, how he had met a saint in a Kashf (vision) at Hazrat Salman Farsi (ra)’s holy shrine at Taq Kaisrah near Baghdad and after many years of his vision, when he met Hazrat Khalifatul Sani (ra) during a train journey, how he was taken aback and mesmerized to see the same resembling Figure.
I had also shared a photocopy of a Post Card in that Post. I forgot to mention about that Post Card. One reader has kindly requested me to narrate about that Post Card as Part-II of the same Post. So in continuation of that Post, I am narrating below  the story of the Post Card.

When this story was published way back in 1938 in the Ahmadiyya Urdu weekly, Alfazal from Qadian, a young Ahmadi Janab Haroon Rashid Saheb of Bhadrakh, Orissa, India, took it to a Non-Ahmadi English Professor of Bhadrakh College and asked him to read about the confession of a HINDU regarding the TRUTH of THE AHMADIYYA KHALIFA. Haroon Saheb was the Urdu/Persian teacher of the local Government High School and used to go to the Professr’s house to teach Urdu to his children. He had just then accepted Ahmadiyaat. After reading the article of Alfazal, the Non-Ahmadi Professor said that this was an Ahmadiya trick of deceiving people. They had published a fake article in their Paper. Haroon Saheb then to convince the Professor about the truth of the story, wrote a letter to Lala Kalyan Das and sent that in the address provided in the Paper to cross-check it’s reliability. He wrote as if he were himself a Non-Ahmadi and wrote everything in front of that Professor.

He wrote in the letter that he had seen a story attributed to him to be confessing about the truth of Ahmadiyaa Khalifa, which may help in misguiding Muslims. Did he visit the shrine of Salman Farsi as claimed in the article of Alfazal and where is the tomb of Salman Farsi situated ? Why he is lying and deceiving ?

Many days passed after posting the letter but no reply was received. Haroon Rashid Saheb became restless as the Professor used to tease him. Ahmadiyaas are great deceivers , he claimed. After some months, Haroon Saheb received the reply and was overjoyed and took it to the Professor which read as follow… [In Roman Urdu]:
Bismilla hir Rahman nir Raheem
Az- Multan
Mukarram bandah Janab Haroon Rashid Saheb,

Assalam Alaikum,
Card aap ka mila. Zawaab mein der is liye hui ki mein 12 September ko yahan se pahar par gaya tha.aur 4 October ko waapas yahan aaya hun. Aap ka khat mere bangla par para raha. Ab arz ye hai ki beshak mere khutut Alfazal mein chhapte rahe hain. woh thhik hain. aur waqeaat par mabni hain. mein beshak Salman Farsi ki mazaar par gaya tha. Aur woh mazaar Baghdad se bees mil ke faslah par hai. Aur Takht [Taaq] Qaisrah mein waqe’ hai.mujhe galat bayani dene ki zorurat hi kya thi. Jo kuchh dekha wo arz kiya gaya tha.
kaare khidmat laeqa se sarfaraz farmawen.
Kalyan das.
For English readers, the translation of the letter may be as follow (though I am not a good translator !)
In the name of Allah, the Gracious, ever Merciful.
Dated:6-10-38 (1938).
I received your card (post card). In replying, it was too delayed due to the reason that, I had gone to the hill on 12th of September (hill here means hill-resort… as he was a reach man usually such persons used to go to hill stations  for  taking rest) and I have returned back to my place on 4th of October. Your letter was lying  at my bungalow (residence) during my absence. Now it is to inform you that surely my letters have been published in Alfazal weekly. Whatever have been described in those letters are TRUE and FACTUAL. There is no doubt at all. I had visited the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Salman Farsi (ra) and that is situated at Takht Kaisrah which is 20 miles away from Baghdad.Why should I bother in giving a false statement ?  I had narrated the truth as I had really seen .
Kindly let me know if I can help you (at your service).
Kalyan Das.

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