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Air Mauritius will be expanding its flights from Cape Town to Mauritius. Flights to Mauritius, starting in November, will be increased from two to three times a week. Flights from Cape Town to Joburg will also be increased, but flights from Durban will be halted on October 26th. Unfortunately, Emirates will become the sole provider of overseas flights from Durban. Those who live in Durban will be inconvenienced, with flights typically having to change planes in Joburg.

Tax Effect

The people of Durban had high hopes that there would be more flights without plane changes. Comair was planning to offer a route between Durban and London. This plan would be abandoned after British Airways conducted research and found that it would not be a feasible venture. This was most likely caused by the 8 percent rise in taxes that passengers pay when entering or leaving the United Kingdom. The raise in taxes accompanied by the European Union carbon tax for airlines, would make It unrealistic to do business between Durban and London.

The London Olympics and the queen’s celebrations will likely mask the loss that will come from these taxes. Undoubtedly, Britain will find that its tourism will drop the following year, after the boost from these two, tourist attracting, activities. The airline industry is hoping that this drop will force the government into reducing these taxes, making it more appealing and cost friendly for people to travel to Britian.

Tourism Advice

The British Civil Aviation Authority has been kind enough to give tips to travelers who are coming or going to Britain. These tips include:

Check-in times: It is vital to be aware of check-in times for each particular flight. The times vary from airline to airline, which makes it essential to contact the airline and find out the appropriate check-in time in advance. A missed check-in time can result in a missed flight, which can be very inconvenient for the passenger.

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