Bhushan Kumar Upadhyay: A Hindu Indian police officer upholds dignity of Islam and Muhammad(s.a.s.)

Knowingly and unknowingly people have said a many thing about Islam which are not based on the reality. I have read Quran in English, Hindi, Marathi and Urdu. I have talked to many individuals over this and tried to understand it. After reading the entire Quran and studying the life of Muhammad(s.a.s.), no one can say that objective of Islam is to spread its message by use of sword.

When we look at the life of Muhammad(s.a.s.), try to read about him and understand his life, we get it very clearly that whenever sword was raised, it was out of helplessness and with the objective of establishing peace. Objective of raising sword is not violence but peace and that too out of helplessness as there was no other option left. There is a need to understand it. There are many verses in Quran Majid which cannot be understood all alone, rater we will need to investigate other verses of Quran and Hadis to be able to understand its actual meaning.
There are some people who say that Quran says kill others at certain verses, then i asked them the question: Have you read the preceeding verse too? Do you know the subsequent verse? Do you know how hadis is related with this verse? So if you are not aware about any of these, then obviously you have misinterpreted it. If we really want to undedrstand the ayat, then we should understand the whole reference. This will serve the way for removing such misconceptions.

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  1. The mullahs in Pakistan should learn from Commissioner Bhushan Kumar. Excellent

  2. He’s very honest officer, I was very much impressed with his knowledge of Islam.
    May Allah bless him..

  3. Its really fantastic to hear such a speech from a hindu police officer .Others should learn something from him . God bless him

  4. Wonderful! If Bhushan Kumar Sahib (His new name is not surfaced) will come towards Ahmadiyah Islam, he will have his beloved Ram Chandar and Karishan Sahiban with him, Insha Allah. He will have the true peace, pleasure of Allah and lose nothing.

  5. Alhamdollilah
    What a great n high status person, He got perfect knowledge more than some of Muslim followers, I pray Allah give him n his family best reward n hidayat. Save them hell fire. Ameen

  6. Brothers, high profile Mr.Bhushan Kumar is reading the authentic source (QURAN AND HADEES). He is on right path and we need to learn from such great people. Allah bless Mr.Bhushan Kumar and his entire family. Sincere hardworkers like Mr.Bhushan Kumar will unite all Muslims divided in to meangless sects due to low education of Islam.

  7. Mr.Bhushan kumar as an hindu police officer is a sincere,honest&very good officer i seen ever so may god fullfil his all wishes & make him stable on the path he choose Allah bless him.

  8. Police Commissioner Bhushan Kumar Upadhyay, you have great speaking power backed by knowledge of the topic. I pray to Allah to keep you in His Blessings and guide you in His Path.

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