UK: PlayStation to be used by cathedral during worship

Popular PlayStation 3 game, Flower, will be played by a group of congregants while they pray at Exeter Cathedral this Sunday.

Technology enthusiast, Andy Robertson, who pens a blog called ‘Geek Dad’ for Wired magazine, came up with the idea after experiencing a public performance of the relaxing game in 2009 and finding it a “spiritual experience”. On Sunday, the plan is that Flower will be played collaboratively by the congregation while the game’s music will form the background for other elements of the service. The controller will be passed around while other parts of the worship continue, and then brought to a conclusion as the first level of the game is completed. “I was inspired to choose Flower for the Cathedral service after experiencing a public performance of it at the GameCity festival in 2009,” Robertson wrote on his Wired blog.

“There, the game was performed by one person in a old shopping center, but for me it was an undeniably spiritual experience. I’m really looking forward to discovering how the experience fits, contributes to and changes the Cathedral service.


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