Noble Laureate from Yemen, Tawakul Karman responds to Hijab

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Tawakkul Karman – First Arab Woman and Youngest Nobel Peace Laureate. The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles on the theme of Hijab

When asked about her Hijab By Journalists and how it is not proportionate with her level of intellect and education, she replied, “Man in The early times was almost naked, and as his intellect evolved he started wearing clothes. What I am today and what I’m wearing represents the highest level of thought and civilization that man has achieved, and is not regressive. It’s the removal of clothes again that is regressive back to ancient TIMES.”

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  1. The learned women has answered very polite, a highly respected, civilized and well mannered way, Is there still any question left regarding Parda.

    I was in Germany when a German lady told me we Europeans send clothes for naked wild Africans in the past just to make them civilized and now our Europeans are slowly getting rid of their clothes on other words they become wild, uncivilized.They are insisting on continuously to get rid of clothes but not in winter bitter cold.

  2. subhannallah , this is what I’ve been preaching to my co-workers and customers and others who appose my hijjab.College graduates and judges and professors wear the cap and long gown to show their sign of wisdom and intelligence and or higher knowledge or position. How do these people later turn around and accuse muslim women of oppression and ignorance is beyond me .
    God bless our sister from Yemen

  3. MashaAllah, excellent and polished. Our sisters who are still stubbornly not wanting to be obedient to our dress code should try putting their hijab, inshaAllah, Allah will guide them to even more self worth.. ameen

  4. How nicely Tawakul appi answered, every woman should learn from her coz i see so many girls who thinks if they r wearing western clothes n less clothes r better than who is covering head or face. May Allah bless her Aameen…

  5. Al-hamdu lillahi our sister has shown the beauty of hijab in Islam. May Allah reward you abundantly,in this world and there after in embracing Islam.

  6. One hijaab wearing arrogant woman just insulted other women who prefer not to wear her choice of garment. she is arrogant. she should wear a full burkha to wear the ultimate prize of super non-civilization. Hijab has nothing to do with religion. It is a practical garment to wear in the regions where sand and dust storms are common and where men also cover their faces, but this has moved on to a complex practice of men controlling women. Many highly advanced cultures that give rights to women are very successful and their women do not cover their heads. The opposite can be said for hijaab wearing nations. Let us not judge others by only our own standards but instead strive to understand differences and choose peace instead. She is happy to take her prize from uncivilized nation. Comments like this do not help with Islamic cause. Was Afganistan civilized nation under the Talaban roule?

    • She said that because the journalist asked an question to her.”it is not proportionate with her level of intellect and education” she actually replied “no you are incorrect, it is appropiate because …”

  7. I’d like to draw your attention to skin cancer, freezing cold weather, sand storms,rape and male impotence due to over exposure.
    what’s life without imagintion, if nothing is left to the imagination
    flies and bugs are attracted to uncovered honey and so is disease and harmful bacteria.
    if you dont believe in god ,how can you understand the meaning of hijab,burqa,garments whatever you want to call it.It wasn’t the taliban that invented hijab or burqa, abuse and misuse of what god created and commanded for mans owns good is not the religions fault, it’s due to human ignorance or lack of itelligence or down right arrogance and mischief.
    you are right about one thing islam does not force it’s belief on anyone, but we don’t like anyone calling us oppressed ,uneducated and bombard us with images of how sexy we should be for every tom, dick and harry, or goddeses to be idolized or better yet lets forget advancing forward and move backward to the untamed cave woman and man image. keep chipping away at garments and that’s where we’ll end up , oh civilized man

  8. Much surprised and delighted to read her response because while in discussion with atheist friends (of EU and US origins) and defending Islamic view on homosexuality I put the same argument that made all of them quiet and surrendered……..that this is something Humans used to do in early phase of evolution, a kind of known uncivilized phase ………these people (LGBTS) want to drag us back in reverse direction.

  9. Peace. It is only hair cover. Save your breath: nuns, church goers, Jews, pre-islam & others wore and some still do. Stop wasting your time describing cause & effect of hijab & hijabism. Life and creative contributions to life depends on our balanced and non judgemental view. Man and woman were naked on arrival just as newborns. Hijab can be as naked with mere decency in the heart that travel thru to the eyes of a man/woman and can be his/her hijab. However, control of our impulses is relative to our surroundings. If all are naked, a cover would attract more. So each unto himself deciding his ability to manage thru his & others natural impulses

  10. Sorry if I sound strict. But I must say that it is not good to create doubts when something is conveyed very clear. We can see how “pure” intention most of the people have. At the same times it is true that “taqwa” or Piety” lies within a human’s heart. But virtuous practice that is shown on our dress and conduct is additional ornament of the love of God, (Allah) and a righteous practice. we should not under estimate it’s credibility.

  11. this argument is very stupid.back in the olden days it might have been useful when we lacked civilization.women need to trust men more.we are not all rapists.and the men who rape shall rape a girl in a niqab too.aggressive sexual behaviour and violence constituent a rape.its not driven by amusement of seeing a girls skin.there is no need to protect themselves by wearing a head cover.least not in can control themselves.modesty is what women need.

  12. Primitive man and women was nacked. It is the evolution and transformation of civilization to waer a modest set of clothes. In the serious gathering of civilized nations and their reps always you in decent dresses and garments.

    Even the virgin Marry is shown in modest garments and on the foot step the nuns wear the same modest clothes.

    So Hijab is not against the nature and human civilization. In the pluralistic society it is not only accepted but regarded as a token of honour and respect.

  13. Funny, when we wear head gear for fashion its fabulous and beautiful and excellent fashion sense, but when and someone wears it for modesty and privacy, its bad. Incredible!

  14. I respect ur answer my sister, awsome.
    May Allah give hidayat to all my sister to follow islam carefully.

  15. I partially disagree with you opinion. It is true every one has their own rights to wear what they want. But the real thing is one should wear suitable dress to the geographical place where they are… Only subject to weather, climatic condition and non allergic to the skin. No other thing have the right to diktat

    When homo sapiens started to loss heir started to wear dress. When they moved place to place, faced different type of hurdles… over come with suitable dress. That’s all. Only design, beautification are corresponding to the level of civilization.

  16. Masha allah! Ur answer made me 2 b proud of our religion(Islam), parda is d jewel of women, u have proved that. Jazak allah khaer*

  17. Masha allah ur answer about d hijab made me 2 feel proud of our religion(isLam), parda is d jewel of a women u have proved that*

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