Despite innocent verdict, blasphemy accused shot dead by maulvi complainant

Express News: LAHORE: An elderly man, recently released from prison after acquittal by the court on proving innocent in a blasphemy case, was shot dead by the complainant in the Farooqabad area of Sheikhupura.

80-year-old Iqbal Butt was on his way home on a motorcycle rikshaw when he was shot dead when the accuser Maulvi Waqas and an unidentified accomplice chased him on a motorcycle and opened fire, resulting in his death.

Javed Butt, stepson of Iqbal Butt said the Maulvi Waqas accused his father of blasphemy just to settle score with him after they exchanged some harsh words during an argument earlier on. The accused put pressure on police through protest of clerics and succeeded in registering a case against Iqbal, added Javed.

After the case was registered, the police arrested Iqbal and he was jailed but on December 30, 2011 he was honourably acquitted due to lack of evidence.


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  1. Anwer Shaur is a famous poet. He writes for Daily Jung urdu poetry called ( Qitta )
    One was :-
    Rahm Aata Nahain Allah Kay Bandun Pay Jinaih
    Chhin Letay Hain Jo Logun Say Hayat-E-Fani.

    Yeh Darinday Hain Kissi Ur Jahan Ki Makhlooq
    Na Musilman, Na Insan , Na Pakistani.

    He is rightly said that when a Person become a murderer of innocent peoples then He degraded up to a status of accrual animal ( Darinda ).

  2. HRRIF UK strongly condemns the shameful inhuman callous act of Mullah and appeals to Chief Justice of Pakistan to do something stop such killing of innocent people in the name of Islam.

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