Andrew Bowen, Man Who Spends 12 Months Practicing 12 Different Religions, Finds Peace

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LUMBERTON, N.C. (RNS) Andrew Bowen sat yoga-style in his armchair, absent-mindedly fingering a set of Muslim prayer beads in his left hand as he talked about 2011 — his year of conversion.

But he’s not Muslim. In fact, the 29-year-old Lumberton resident doesn’t call himself by any of the 12 faiths he practiced for a month at a time last year.

Not Hindu (January). Not Baha’i (February). Not Zoroastrian (March). Not Jewish (April). Not Buddhist (May). Not agnostic (June). Not Mormon (July). Not Muslim (August). Not Sikh (September). Not Wiccan (October). Not Jain (November). And not Catholic (December).

Finding faith in God again was not Bowen’s aim. This young father of two was looking for faith in humanity.

Bowen became a Christian in high school and took “a nose dive into fundamentalism,” he said. “It just ignited a furnace in me.”

As a teen, Bowen said he was extremely critical of faiths different from his own. Once when a pair of male Mormon missionaries visited his home, Bowen said he chased them down the street as they retreated on their bicycles.

After high school, Bowen met his wife, Heather, at East Carolina University.

The Bowens had two girls, Shaylie and Nevaeh, and thought their family was complete. But in 2008, Heather’s tubal ligation failed, and she was pregnant with their “miracle baby.”

But the doctors discovered the baby was behind her ovaries, an ectopic pregnancy that threatened Heather’s life.

The couple had to choose to abort the baby, something they never dreamed they would do. They were devastated.

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Editor’s note:  Perhaps Ahmadiyya muslims should also invite him to spend a month with the community.


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  1. According to Mr. Andrew Bowen He practiced 12 religions in 12 months. When I read details I was surprised that He not studies or tries to see in deep any of the twelve religions He mentioned.
    Like one only see the color of a fruit and shape of the fruit and not even tasted. I quote his wards
    “At its essence, Project Conversion was about burying his hatred and learning tolerance.” So it was his project according to him. Question is he gotten his aim?
    Let’s find answer from his sayings,
    “For so long, I suffered with ego. So now I’m just going to make the faiths of others more beautiful to themselves,” he said.
    He only suffered with ego, nothing more. How can he make the faith of others more beautiful to them as he him self not even look their beliefs deeply?
    The main purpose of any religion should be to give you the way to recognize your creator and to help you to find the purpose of your life.
    Let’s see on this point if Mr. Andrew Bowen tries to find his God, His creator or tried to find his purpose of life? No, Nothing. Look his words.
    “I don’t think about God now. I just participate.”

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