Homeopaths under assault in Australia after NHMRC threatens to declare their work unethical

(NaturalNews) A draft document not intended for public release has revealed that theNational Health and Medical Research Council(NHMRC) in Australia is planning to nix homeopathy from its list of covered medical treatments.The Agereports that the draft paper, which was recently leaked to reporters, dubs homeopathy an “unethical” form of medical treatment, and alleges that patients who choose homeopathy over conventional medicine could be putting themselves at risk.

Though it has been used safely and effectively for hundreds of years by millions of people around the world, homeopathy is increasingly finding itself in the crosshairs of government-run healthcare programs like NHMRC that are heavily influenced by pharmaceutical interests determined to destroy access to natural forms of treatment. And unless the natural health community fights back, the practice of homeopathy “down under” could soon be a thing of the past.

Contrary to conventional belief, homeopathy is not merely a placebo. Numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies conducted over the years have shown that homeopathy can help treat respiratory ailments and allergies, influenza, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, childhood diarrhea, post-surgical abdominal surgery recovery, and attention deficit disorder (ADD), as well as many other conditions (http://www.naturalnews.com/031210_Luc_Montagnier_Homeopathy.html).


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  1. If there are REAL Homeo Drs,trained in REAL medical schools/ colleges,I like to know , Where are those Drs & medical institutions?
    Are there Homeo Drs associations/councils? What are their criteria for membership? Are there any membership directories of REAL homeo Drs?
    Why Do they let unqualified persons practice Homeo?
    Most Homeo practitioners have no medical background or experience. They use a few medications for all kind of diseases. The patient like it because there is no dosage timing or quantity & the are all SWEAT.

  2. Homeopathy is becoming a regulated medical discipline in many courtiers. However most of the health systems do not provide coverage for homeopathic treatments. If cheaper medicines like homeopathic remedies become the treatment of choice then pharmaceutical Industries are going to be in loss.

    We advocate Integrative Medical Approach. If a physician does not find an appropriate treatment with in one discipline why not keep eyes and mind open to other disciplines.

    The time tested experience of physicians around the world shows that patients have very frequently claimed success in homeopathic remedies and side effects have hardly ever been reported.

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