Philippines blinks, pulls warship from China standoff

Manila (AFP) – The Philippines pulled its biggest warship away from a standoff with Chinese vessels Thursday, but said the dispute was far from over with both nations deploying more non-military boats to the area.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario said the Philippines decided to remove the navy’s flagship from the tiny set of islands and reefs in the South China Sea while trying to negotiate an end to the five-day impasse.

“We are pursuing the diplomatic track in terms of coming to a resolution on the issue,” del Rosario told reporters.

The dispute began on Sunday when Philippine authorities found eight Chinese fishing boats at Scarborough Shoal, 124 nautical miles west of the country’s main island of Luzon.



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  1. You know why that part is officially called South China Sea – and really no one really endorsed what it is called East Sea, West Philippine Sea or even the Indonesia Sea? Simple, because that is the sea that China dominates since time immemorial.
    Similarly why is GREECE able to dominate the WHOLE of Aegean Seas even up to the shore of larger neighbour TURKEY????? And the whole world including EU, US, UN and even TURKEY herself recognize that territorial waters????? Because the Greek had been there and left the foot-prints since the beginning of CIVILISATION in Europe!!!!!

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