Atheism activist Patrick Greene finds God after illness

God loves you


Two months after he threatened to sue a Texas county for allowing a Nativity scene on public property, longtime atheist Patrick Greene has announced that he is not only converting to Christianity, but also plans to become a pastor, the Christian Post reports.

Patrick Greene’s conversion comes after he learned a serious eye condition could make him blind, which in turn led to an outpouring of support among the same Baptist church he threatened to sue. News of Greene’s condition prompted Jessica Crye to ask her pastor at Sand Springs Baptist Church in Athens, Texas, if they could help Greene, the Christian Post reported. He agreed and thousands of dollars in donations were raised on Greene’s behalf. Greene said it was Crye’s compassion that made him see the light, so to speak.

Greene, an Air Force veteran from San Antonio who has a history of activism,threatened in February to file a lawsuit against Henderson County, Texas, if they did not remove a Nativity scene in front of the courthouse, Malakoff News reported. But he was forced to drop the lawsuit after doctors told him that he had developed eye cataracts and was in danger of losing his vision, according to the Houston Chronicle. Shortly thereafter, Greene’s failing vision forced him to quit his job as a taxi driver and he was left with the challenge of supporting himself and his wife of 33 years.

Both Christians and atheists alike ended up donating to Greene through a fundraising account he set up on the site It’s that compassion that Greene says compelled him to start rethinking his religious beliefs. “There’s been one lingering thought in the back of my head my entire life, and it’s one thought that I’ve never been able to reconcile, and that is the vast difference between all the animals and us,” Greene told the Post.

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  1. God exists! There is none worthy of worship except Allah… And Muhammad is His Messenger. Do help me God.

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