Bountiful B.C. Religious Commune Targeted In Polygamy Investigation By Canadian Authorities

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police haverenewed investigation into possible polygamy within the Bountiful B.C. religious commune, a settlement of roughly 1,000 members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints located in southeastern British Columbia near the U.S.-Canadian border, the Canadian Press reports.

Shirley Bond, the attorney-general of British Columbia, issued instructions this week for special prosecutor Peter Wilson to consider filing polygamy charges against members of the commune, which was heavily investigated last year on allegations that underage girls were being moved across the border from the United States into Canada for the purpose of being entered into plural marriages with older men, theGlobe and Mail reports.

Now authorities are renewing steps to crack down on the practice, a decision that comes one week after Wendell Loy Nielsen, former president of the FLDS’s legal department, was found guilty on three charges of bigamy, though he was alleged to have 30 bigamous wives .

During the trial, Nielsen was also accused of playing a role in 326 mostly bigamous marriages, 50 of which involved girls 12 to 18-years-old, according to the Standard Times.

Canada Polygamy Bountiful Commune


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