Israel’s secret base

Source: TAGESANZEIGER, ZURICH,Switzerland (google translate, please excuse the grammar).

The long approach is a major obstacle to an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities dar. The government in Jerusalem has probably already solved this problem.

“The Israelis have purchased an airfield and airfield was called Azerbaijan,” a U.S. intelligence official explained to “Foreign Policy”. Located north of Iran, would be the country with a predominantly Muslim population, an ideal base for an Israeli air strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

Many logistical problems would be eliminated. The long distance flight would be gone in one fell swoop, to refuel in the air would be unnecessary. The fighter jets could therefore significantly more weapons carrying. According to U.S. magazine to Israel have been granted access to certain facilities. Four abandoned Azerbaijani airbases from Soviet times came to Israel in question.

Israel friend, foe Iran

Politically and economically Jerusalem and Baku more than maintain friendly relations. Israel is the second largest oil consumers in Azerbaijan, Baku, in return, there are drones from an Israeli production. The military agreement is 1.6 billion U.S. dollars. This bypasses the country in the Caucasus, it imposed an arms embargo by the OSCE. The conflict with Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh is not resolved to this day.

At the same time the relations between Azerbaijan and Iran are considered tense. Baku has recently expelled 22 Iranians on suspicion of espionage. In addition, worries about the country’s Azeri minority in northwestern Iran. From Tehran similar sounds can be heard. Baku supported Israeli trained special commandos who were responsible for the deaths of Iranian scientists, let the government know the Azerbaijani ambassador in Iran.

Washington, which seeks to de-escalate the situation in the Persian Gulf shows concern about the cooperation between the two countries. An Israeli attack on Iran with Azerbaijan could widen the conflict in the Caucasus.

Baku downplayed those concerns. Azerbaijan would never allow its territory of an attack on Iran, the Azeri foreign minister said during his visit to Tehran. For the U.S., this guarantee is not enough. This statement left open too much room for interpretation, an official with the U.S. military intelligence stated to “Foreign Policy”. Sun Israeli fighter jets were following an attack on Iran is still the possibility of landing in Azerbaijan.

A relationship is like an iceberg

Opaque to the cooperation between these disparate countries. Significantly, this is a statement of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. The relationship with Israel is like an iceberg. “Nine-tenths of it takes place below the surface off,” it quoted a former U.S. diplomat Pesche end, which was published by Wikileaks.

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