Netherlands under fire thanks to Wilders

When a country threatens to ban Dutch tulips, you know something is wrong. That’s just what’s happening now, as Poland and other Eastern European countries express their anger about a Dutch website.

Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party has set up a website calling for Dutch people to anonymously register their complaints about workers from Eastern Europe. The site is widely seen as discriminatory, but Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has repeatedly refused to condemn it.

It’s is a familiar pattern; Geert Wilders has made a name for himself through similar provocations, usually aimed at Muslims but including immigrants of all kinds. When Wilders provokes, other politicians react. The most outspoken reactions usually come from parties on the left of the political spectrum, but parties in the centre and on the right have also been known to voice their disapproval.

The Poles have been importing more and more Dutch tulips over the years. So much so, that the theme at this year’s world-famous outdoor flower exhibition, the Keukenhof, is ‘Poland, the heart of Europe’. But right now in Poland, thanks to the Freedom Party, a protest poster is spreading rapidly, showing a black tulip with a stripe through it and the words “the Tulip is fake”.

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