Cradle of misery: 5 little girls thrown out like garbage


Five foetuses were found from a garbage dump in Akhtar Colony on Tuesday.

Two of them were found in plastic jars while the remaining three were wrapped in plastic shopping bags. The police was informed about the bodies after scavengers in the area found them, said SHO Rao Muqeem. Edhi volunteers were contacted to help as well.

According to the scavengers who go through the garbage every day, the bodies were disposed off on Monday. “There was nothing in the dump yesterday,” said one of the scavengers, Dawood. “Initially we thought the jars had food in them, but when we looked closely we realised they were dead babies.”

Editor’s note: And still they say that there is no need of a Messiah or a Prophet now as God has stopped speaking to mankind after Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings on him). WHY is the big question-any answers?

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  1. And this happened in a so-called ‘Muslim’ country whose clerics sit in judgement of others. They also insist that they need no more guidance from on High, since (they say), they have the Holy Qur’an.

    They truly seem to have confined our Holy Book to a place where it is there just for show and very little else, for they do not even know or care to know what it actually says…

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