Spirit of banning based on Ownership: Lets Ban guns, phones, cars …..

To ban or not to ban …Shezan juice

The Express Tribune:

A couple of weeks back, the Jamaatud Dawa held a well-attended rally in Rawalpindi to remove an Ahmadi religious centre from Satellite Town.

Even though neighbours claimed to have no issues with its presence, the assault on this myopically-perceived menace seems far from over. Just take the little-reported effort to ban a local cell phone company due to its ‘questionable ownership’.

Although proven to be non-Ahmadi owned, the company still raises suspicion because it starts with the same letter that a derogatory term for Ahmadis does. Apparently, a flaw in their phones’ Urdu dictionary which made it impossible to type the name Muhammad is what fuelled the cause.

On Sunday, The Express Tribune reported on a monumental decision taken by the Lahore Bar Association. These lawyers, some of whom vocally supported convicted murderer and all-round crazy person Mumtaz Qadri (also a lawyers’ favourite in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, where garland of roses were placed around his ‘blessed’ neck and offers were placed for his ‘holy’ MP5 submachine gun), decided that a major food and beverage brand should be banned from all court premises because it is owned by every Pakistani bigot’s favourite punching bag, Ahmadis. This was followed up by a vow to “also…ban other products at a later stage”.

With this in mind, in the spirit of banning things based on who owns or manufactures them, I’ve come up with a short list of other items that should be banned.


Specifically the infamous Kalashnikov Ak-47 and AK-74 rifles which so many feel a religious duty to acquire. The guns carry the name of their inventor, Soviet weapons designer Lt General Mikhael Kalashnikov, an atheist………………….

Clothes… Read more

3 replies

  1. Let’s face it: all ‘non-Muslim products’ should be banned – permanently – and not only on the court’s premises but in the daily lives of all lawyers of Pakistan. No mobile phones, no laptops, no internet, no cars, nothing at all produced outside of Pakistan or even have the smallest part of ‘non-Muslim products’ in them.

    Let’s see what is left…

  2. This Pakistani aversion to anything ‘Ahmadi’, is becoming highly ridiculous and quite amusing. I have a suggestion for Shezan – please expand your products outside Pakistan where they will be appreciated more. As far as I am concerned, they are of excellent quality and very delicious, too.

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