Shouldn’t Muslims visit Israel, talk to Jews!

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When countries of Middle East who fought wars with Israel, have established links with the Jewish state, why should it remain a taboo for Indian Muslims to talk to some Jews. Undoubtedly the Palestinians have suffered at the hands of Israel. A group of Rabbis had even met Iran’s premier Ahmedinejad. That is just to put forth the point that all Jews can’t be alike or anti-Muslim, as many Muslims feel. I fail to understand the kind of outrage whenever Israel or Jews are mentioned.

Yasser Arafat could talk. Egypt, Syria and even Pakistan can have links with Israel. Beduin arab Muslims can serve in Israel Defence Forces. Then why can’t Indian Muslims have good relations with Israel! Is it that just like western powers Muslims have become hypocrate on this issue? Let Burney Sahab go to Israel and remind the Jews a few things about their history and how Muslims acted as their protectors for centuries when the Christian West was baying for their blood. Details of which is available here.

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  1. Or for that matter to Hindus and Indians? Or lets say understanding western values? It’s so easy to hatch a conspiracy theory, but finding contrasts shouldn’t be that difficult.
    Hatred is self harm, isn’t it? Especially when we look ay younger generations of Muslims from certain countries who are not that good at analysing financial statements, writing computer programmes, filing for patents for research findings or for that matter remembering all of Quran and hadis. But proficient with all the clauses of “Protocols of the learned elders of zion”, How “Pious muslims will defeat India in Gazwa” and how economic recession is going to make United states doom. Isn’t it that our attention and energy be invested in things which can be of better use for we Muslims?
    Don’t you think Palestinians deserve food, medicines, study books and shelter instead of arms supply? Why do you give them conspiracy theories instead and feed young minds with hate. It can be said that had palestinian groups abandoned smuggling arms to kill Israelis, the blockade wouldn’t have been there in the first place.

    I am sorry if it sounds bitter, do not feed my mind with hatred against anyone. It’s time that people start living with “Love for all hatred for none” than just saying it.

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