For Christians, To be Born Again in Islam!

The Muslim Times team is announcing a new website. is the official website of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to present Islam to the Christian, agnostic and atheist readers in a user friendly fashion.  This is a forum, where non-Muslim readers can ask genuine questions, which are encouraged.  This will, however, be moderated and hate speech, slander and abuse will be censored.

The top of the Homepage has a carousel, which offers five different posts to invite and awaken from a slumber, our Christian and agnostic brothers and sisters.  For example, the first post is titled:

What can a Christian or an agnostic gain in Islam?

It starts of by claiming the following and the proofs are detailed later:

A true seeker, whether a Christian, an agnostic or an atheist or coming from whatever background can gain the following and much more by coming to the true understanding of Islam:

1. A Living God.

2. Peace of Mind.

3. Unification of one’s science and theology.

4. Restoration of family values.

5. Greater likelihood of recovery from addictions.

6. Many new insights.


The featured picture is courtesy of:

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